A state that was known for its culture and glory is today in a state of trans. Home to the highest number of widows, Tamil Nadu tops the charts when it comes to mortality rates due to consumption of alcohol. Apart from contributing to being the highest in road traffic accidents, Tamil Nadu also has the highest percentage of suicides; all of which is contributed by alcohol consumption.

  • My vision for a liquor free Tamil Nadu will begin with my first signature for total prohibition of alcohol in the state that will put an end to the serious social menace that has been confronting the poor families of Tamil Nadu. I will ensure;
  • The Introduction of alternate sources of income to combat the revenue loss incurred by prohibition of alcohol and implement other ways of revenue generation so that the welfare schemes that are dependent on this revenue that contributes to about one third of the state’s revenue can be looked after
  • The implementation of stringent laws to ensure prohibition and elimination illicit liquor production and sale in the state